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Subject 2023 New Years Resolution: Eat Steak Hoagies
Poster Handle Whang Chung
Post Content
I'm sick of everyone making me go along with ordering a bunch of pizzas.

Somebody always just wants plain cheese. I'm past that shit. I need at least banana peppers and pepperoni. and some other fart always wants sausage. And this one chick I know...she would get Anchovies and Black Olives...sick little fuck, she is.

But...God Damn it...not this year. I've been through enough bullshit since 2020. FUCK JOE BIDEN...Fine. And Fuck GROUP PIZZA. I'm gonna' be ordering a steak hoagie for myself and I don't give a fuck what kind of pizza the rest of you assholes want.

2023...you calling the pizzeria...I'm ordering a freaking Steak Hoagie with mushroom sauce. Shove your pizza up your ass.
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