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A Brief Break with Buckingham the Bitter Beaver S:01: Ep:01 :Always Slappin n the Right direktion:

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12/29/2021 03:53 AM
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A Brief Break with Buckingham the Bitter Beaver S:01: Ep:01 :Always Slappin n the Right direktion:
I learned Lambda calculus. It pretty much bridges the gap between math and literature.

Okay so here is how you read this code (Let's call it the 5th wall):

* = action
[ = sound
$ = Macro?
{ = Instinct
( = realization

A brief break with buckingham the bitter beaver S:01:

Ep:01 :Always slappin n the right direktion:

A beaver wakes up. The tree doesn't even notice.

The bird did though.

*bird flies down*

"yo beaver bro, wattup?"
*beaver sniffs it's little nose just a little bit above the ground*
*bird laughs(we see it shake)*
*beaver goes back towards it's house, just down the river*
*bird retreats back to tree*
*bird lands on tree*
*tree feels a little bit more comfortable*
*bird laughs*
*beaver retreats*
It was a beautiful day. The sun reflects off the nearby river. The beaver sees it's dam. The Tree and Bird synchronize.

(You as the Beaver) "Not many guys, it was just a bird. I think we are okay for now. Winter may come soon, but I think the shape of the earth is okay."
[CRACK] (a branch snaps)
*The tree shifts*
*The bird presses off the branch it once resided on*
(The beaver knows)
A distant deer sees everything happen all at once.
{was that a doe?}
[CRACK] { a branch snaps again}
*the bird flies further in the sky to see what made the noise*
$ the fox appears $ {is that a fox?}
*The fox hungry as ever. His tongue dripping* Thinking of his children.(it thinks what can I do)
*The fox darts towards an injured squirrel nearby*
The bird looks relieved
*The bird returns to the branch it was on before*
* wind blows, the leaves shake *
{everything seems okay}
*bird shifts it's feet a little closer to it's nest*
$ you notice the wind blow $
*the leaves shake on the branches*
(it looks so real)
This particular part of the earth is very fruitful. There was/is much nourishment.

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