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Subject FANTASY regional government---projected state groupings
Poster Handle ACME_MAN
Post Content
Well while many of you were enjoying holiday festivities, I, ACME MAN, was furiously at work in a darkened room with a bright overhead white light(fortunately no interrogators present ; ) ) in the ACME underground Command and Control Center(Mom's basement). The ultimate result of this work(my masterpiece : )) was the projected state groupings if we were indeed to achieve autonomous regional government, which is something IMHO that NEEDS to be done at this point and SOON. (Under this scenario, ALL current federal debts and obligations, including military and federal worker pay and benefits would be transferred to and honored by the autonomous regional governments). It can be achieved via a National Constitutional Convention Feedback most welcome and appreciated.

As follows---

1) Pacific territories, Hawaii, Collie-forn-ia, Nevada(option for Hawaii and Pacific territories to be their own region)

2) Oregon-Washington(eastern portions of both states may decide at a future time to join and adjoining region)

3) Utah-Arizona(have to keep the Mormons happy ; ) )

4) Colorado-New Mexico(Deep State friendly states)

5 )Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota

6) Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri

7) Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

8) Minnas-o-o-o-oda, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan

9) Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia(Mansion territory! ; ), Tennessee

10) Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida

11) New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

12) Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, D.C. , North Carolina

13) Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Taxachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

14) PUerto Rico and Carribean territories

These groups of course aren't written in stone and some states may opt to be a part of other regions. This can be worked out with discussions.
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