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Message Subject Would you rather watch the world burn to an invasion of Kaijus or a Whitewalker zombie army?
Poster Handle CrazyOldMan
Post Content

Let me proffer a situation...

A cattle ranch,

One cow looks at the rancher as a savior, the rancher tends to the herd, providing food, water, shelter, medicine when needed.

The cow also sees the rancher loading up cows in a trailer and taking them away, presumably to greener pastures.

Ignorance is bliss.

Another cow, some how, some way, realizes or discovers that the rancher is not their savior. He is loading up the cows on a trailer to take them to a slaughter house to be sold for profit, killed, butchered and consumed by people like the rancher.

The truth hurts, it can hurt a lot.

If you had to choose to be one or the other,

Which cow would you be?
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