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Explanation: Deaths - Covid or Vaccine... Guess what IT'S BOTH - READ

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79981157
United States
01/03/2022 03:29 PM
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Explanation: Deaths - Covid or Vaccine... Guess what IT'S BOTH - READ

Are the vaccines evil? No

The Spike protein is evil.

Whether you get covid..or vaccine.. You're getting spike proteins.

Covid spike proteins are wrecking our bodies. Whether naturally or through vaccinations.

Evil implies intent. The vaccines are not evil.

What was unknown was the effect of spike proteins beyond acute symptoms (covid symptoms). Nobody knew the long term effects of the covid spike proteins.

This applies to vaccines and natural covid.

Vaccine is injected into your body where natural covid begins in lungs. The spikes travel and cause different damage due to the way it originates in your system.

So basically you're going to see a large amount of ailments and you're going to want to blame the vaccine but you are not 100% correct.

Anyone who has had covid knows it is a monster of a virus. Not to be taken lightly.

The vaccine is in fact EFFECTIVE at helping the acute direct symptoms of Covid 19 by giving your body a head start.

BUT..nobody knew the OTHER problems with spike proteins of Covid 19. Organ damage, autoimmune damage etc...

So in our current situation we can EXPLAIN :

The vax does work to reduce the severity of Covid.

Spike protein from both vaccine and natural are damaging longer-term.

Vaccine and natural spike protein act different because of the way (location) the spike proteins enter the system.

(In this respect vaccine spike is MORE harmful then natural spike LONG TERM)

What we have is a lose/lose situation.

My opinion: Consider everyone WILL /ALREADY HAVE / WILL contract MORE THAN ONCE Covid 19

Everybody will catch covid multiple times.

Therefore everybody will have long term spike protein issues.

The vax can help You with direct covid 19 symptoms (which are serious)

The vax also will gurantee spike proteins injected into your body in a way that is different and apparently worse (so.far) than natural spike proteins via lungs.

My opinion is the vaccine should be considered by those who would not handle severe flu well etc...aka the vulnerable.

But for the rest of us the vaccine will only inject spikes directly into our system and only help marginally with Covid.

Point is we are all suffering from spike proteins regardless of vaxx status.

Evidence is pointing to increase ill effects from vaxx due to the different way it enters your system.

The vax is helpful to vunerable people

I hope this perspective helps you understand how BOTH sides are correct but BOTH sides are missing the big picture.

This is why deaths are rising overall.

You don't need to be vaxxed to suffer from spike. Its everywhere and highly infectious. The vaccine helps acutely but offers worse long term spike effects.

This is all variable on your overall health.

I recommend masks but not vaccines except for people who are too weak to survive a covid 19 infection.

Be careful out there and fight the tyranny




Mask are ok and helpful marginally enough to wear one.

It ain't magic but is helpful.

Godbless Everyone!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 79981157
United States
01/03/2022 03:38 PM
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Re: Explanation: Deaths - Covid or Vaccine... Guess what IT'S BOTH - READ
Everyone needs to do 2 things personally:

1) determine if your healthy enough to survive a serious covid infection. Chose the vaccine if your vunerable.

2) figure out everything you can about spike proteins and how to heal from them. Vaxxed or not.


Everyone needs to

1) Absolutely raise HELL upon any government or business imposing VAXX PASSPORTS OF ANY KIND

2) Don't resist mask wearing too much. Consider wearing one because the marginal benefit may help you or others.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73265171
United States
01/03/2022 03:50 PM
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Re: Explanation: Deaths - Covid or Vaccine... Guess what IT'S BOTH - READ
Resist... but don’t resist. Stop thinking those shots are for anyone’s benefit. MRNA has never been safely trialed in animal studies and they had no good reason to use MRNA jabs over the commonly used dead virus jabs they always have.