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Message Subject Compassion for the vaxxed
Poster Handle Buddy Kaine
Post Content

everyone i know is vaxxed

no have complained of any pain or changes or health issues or blood clots or magnetic arms or graphene poisoning

no have died
none are ill
none are in the hospital

which is weird since according to you glp tards, you claim every vaxxed person is having pain or complications or dead

and I am surrounded by vaxxed people and not one is having a single issue


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15184791

Hey Congratulations! There is a booster line forming.. you should all get in quick so you can be ahead of everyone else.

(hows that for compassion?)
 Quoting: Trio

everyone i know is already boosted

and none are dead
none are in pain
none are having any issues

how's that for factual reality and not the delusional world you all live in where every vaxxed person is falling dead due to cardiac arrest or blood clots
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15184791

The 4th one is on the way.. so line em up!
 Quoting: Trio

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