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Empathy, Cognition, and the Real Effect of Fake Disease

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01/11/2022 12:41 PM
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Empathy, Cognition, and the Real Effect of Fake Disease
[link to freethinking.freedom-artist.com]

Chew on this all you folks that had covid. Then went and received a shot of poison for a disease that doesn't even exist. The ultimate 'gaslighting'. You feel 'stooooopid' yet?
You have been had....again. Of course they won't care.............as long as it 'feels' real.

Most people are always looking externally for answers to their problems. This is most apparent in the field of allopathic medicine. Not feeling well? Don't bother looking for the root cause of your dis-ease, take a pill. This externalization of health has resulted in the core scientific methodology of today's modern health care. A Harvard Medical School professor Ted Kaptchuk decided to test the pill theory by studying the Placebo Phenomenon. He conducted tests to observe the effects of human cognition on medicine by filling pills with cornstarch and giving them to patients who where suffering from various ailments. He also offered acupuncture with retractable shams that never pierced the skin as an alternative. He informed the subjects of the various negative side effects and then treated them with the two fakes. Half received pain-reducing pills; the others acupuncture treatments. The results were amazing. In both cases, people began to call in, saying they couldn't get out of bed. The pills were making them sluggish, the needles caused swelling and redness; some patients' pain ballooned to nightmarish levels. While contrarily, other patients reported real relief, and those who received acupuncture felt even better than those on the anti-pain pill. A clear demonstration of how human perception of reality affects the actual experience OF reality.

But researchers have found that placebo treatments—interventions with no active drug ingredients—can stimulate real physiological responses, from changes in heart rate and blood pressure to chemical activity in the brain, in cases involving pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even some symptoms of Parkinson's.

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