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2011 article about Bill Gates, vaccines, and contraception. Fertility / birth rates

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01/12/2022 05:57 PM
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2011 article about Bill Gates, vaccines, and contraception. Fertility / birth rates
This is a thread mainly for posterity should GLP still be around.

...So in 1997, when he and Melinda first ventured into public health—their eponymous foundation would come into being in two years—they focused on birth control, funding a Johns Hopkins effort to use computers to help women in the developing world learn about contraception. The logic was crisp and Bill Gates-friendly. Health = resources ÷ people.
And since resources, as Gates noted, are relatively fixed, the answer lay in population control. Thus, vaccines made no sense to him: Why save kids only to consign them to life in overcrowded countries where they risked starving to death or being killed in civil war?

In terms of giving, Gates did a 180-degree turn. Rather than prevent births, he would aim his billions at saving the kids already born. “We moved pretty heavily into vaccines once we understood that,” says Gates.
[link to www.forbes.com (secure)]

Taking the PZP vax to humans?
Thread: The strange link between the sterilization of wild horses and mRNA vaccines (Covid) PZP VACCINE... Vax 2-6 weeks apart, Booster 8-12 months

And NOW his vaccine/contraception stance is finally working?
Thread: The great population growth slowdown - US sees lowest birth rate in history.


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The great population growth slowdown
[link to www.vox.com (secure)]

U.S. Population Grew 0.1% in 2021, Slowest Rate Since Founding of the Nation
[link to www.census.gov (secure)]

NYC Had Most Deaths Since 1970s, Fewest Births Ever In First Pandemic Year
[link to gothamist.com (secure)]

Birth rate in Italy hits 160-year low
[link to www.globaltimesspampage (secure)]

China’s population crisis: 5 ways Beijing is trying to tackle a worryingly low birth rate
[link to www.scmp.com (secure)]

Kerala: Live birth rate records biggest dip in decade
[link to timesofindia.indiatimes.com]

Falling fertility rates
[link to www.siasat.com (secure)]

As per the National Family Health Survey released earlier this year, India’s fertility rate has fallen from 2.2 in 2015-16 to 2.0 in 2019-21.
The most remarkable drop has been in Jammu and Kashmir. In the same year, contraceptive prevalence has increased from 54% to 67%. Fertility has dropped below the replacement levels of 2.1 in all states barring Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Manipur and Meghalaya. In a departure from the previous years, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have increased their fertility rates marginally, after having seen them drop continuously over the last three decades. Ladakh, Andaman Nicobar Islands, Goa and Jammu and Kashmir now have a fertility rate of less than 1.5.

Scotland's population projected to peak in 2028
[link to www.bbc.com (secure)]

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