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Message Subject BREAKING: NATO Fears a Multi-Prong Attack by Russia on Several Fronts. Swedish Emergency Forces Activated
Poster Handle AZ rice farmer
Post Content
Let me suggest an approximate scenario -

1. Russia takes Sweden in one gulp, or at least gets its prostrated, emasculated subservience.

2. Russia makes its aggressive self known in other theaters, something less than Apocalypse but clearly an unhappy tiger.

3. Joe Biden craps himself and all future press conferences are canceled pending an emergency shipment of toilet paper to the White House.

4. Following the historic debacle of Afghanistan which ended 20 years of losing wars and trillions of borrowed dollars from the benighted American people, if things go south at this time between Russia and the United States & its allies, you can flush American influence in world affairs down the proverbial plumbing.

You can also draw some conclusions regarding the picture of Putin being in bed with Western leaders all towards a New World Order.

Sweden is an absolute spectacle, having progressed downwards from Vikiings and Varangians (who incidentally helped to found modern Russia, not to mention saving Constantinople until the Pope sent one Christian army against another almost 900 years ago), to the current sterilised culture which seemed to gain momentum under Olaf Palme. The PM who saw his role as disheveling everything white and Christian in this world while still reportedly finding time for young boys.
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