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Message Subject Online Dating Message From Vaxtard
Poster Handle Red John
Post Content
He must have been hot for you; men will do just about anything to get some action, even engage with someone they have nothing in common with. :)
 Quoting: Justice4all

Yeah this online dating has really opened up my eyes you’d be amazed at how many just look at pictures. I am fit and look really young for my age. They don’t even look at a woman’s profile I’ll get some Star Trek video games guy and I’m into the outdoors Motor sports. Or I’ll get some guy from across the country we all know what they want. Or guys that don’t post a picture on their profile which would lead me to believe in this day and age that they’re married.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 51801851

how long has it been since you were last single?!

people have been degens for a few decades now.
specially the online dating scene

i mean tinder is based on swiping after seeing a pic.
and some guys literally just click on everyone and dont even bother looking at a profile unless they respond.

also whos to say the star trek gamer wouldnt like being outdoors with you? you dont know that. also have you ever played a game? lol
 Quoting: T-Man

I’ve been single for six months- was in a relationship for two years before that, chose to finish raising my kids rather than daddy of the month club.haha As far as the Star Trek guy that was a real example but I actually do read the profiles ha ha and he was definitely a basement dweller that had no mutual interests. I don’t think he even had a car. And I don’t watch a lot of TV or play video games I preferring to do things for real.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 51801851

my interests are fluid
my gender and values are not

I can't fill out those online profiles because they're ridiculously limiting

answering over half of the profile questions would place me in a category / box that I don't fit in and or don't want to be in.
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