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What if uncovering Mass Psychosis and the MSM backpedaling is the plan?

Shilliam the Third
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United States
01/14/2022 09:39 PM
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What if uncovering Mass Psychosis and the MSM backpedaling is the plan?
Disclaimer: I’m not sure what to believe, separate from there clearly being an unsavory agenda.

I do find it interesting how quick the script is flipping. SCOTUS shot down mandates, UK is scrapping Covid passports, Fauci is catching a lot of heat again, FBI is being heavily exposed for Jan 6, MSM has largely flipped their stance..

..Things finally feel like they’re beginning to improve. Assuming this isn’t due to an upcoming war, I can’t help but feel weary.

If things continue to improve, and we find ourselves seeing justice for these heinous actions, is it possible that this is simply another piece of the puzzle to take our guards down? We’ve been fatigued by Covid for years now, and will likely refuse any further lockdown controls (especially if lambs are sacrificed for “causing the plandemic”).

This would be the best time to release a “real” bioweapon. Citizens don’t trust the government or lockdown measures, masks, isolation/distancing, etc. Businesses will refuse to lockdown. You end up with a population with deprived immune systems that refuses to comply or trust media/government, who may actively be censoring the severity. This, occurring at a time when supply chain is wrecked.

A little doomy and left-field, but it’s an interesting consideration.