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Our experience with Omicron so far.

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United States
01/15/2022 02:41 PM
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Our experience with Omicron so far.
I wanted to write a little post about what it's been like living in a house with omicron. I say omicron, not knowing if that is what it is, but so far it seems mild so let's go with that. We had two instant tests and my wife and my daughter both tested positive.

Summary ( TLDR ):

In 4 of the 5 people in my family, this bug started with a stomach ache, stomach cramps, or nausea. 1 out of 5 either didn't get sick or didn't show symptoms ( 4 year old boy )

1 of the 4 people sick in the family threw up. ( 11 year old boy )

3 of the 4 people in the family had no fever ( 15 year old girl had mild fever ). 3 out of 4 people sick actually had a lower body temperature than normal.

2 out of 4 people sick had some sort of a drippy nose ( 15 year old, and 45 year old ).

0 out of 4 people sick had any kind of stuffed up nose or cough.

3 out of 4 people sick had a sore throat ( very mild ).

3 out of 4 people sick had a wicked headache right over the eyes that lasted for at least 24 hours and would not respond to any otc painkillers. It resolved to a knot that would sit at the base of your skull for a day or so.

4 out of 4 people sick experienced a terribly hard time sleeping. Falling asleep and staying asleep were extremely difficult, even though we were all exhausted.

4 out of 4 people sick, all said that their symptoms improved in the morning but then as the day progressed they would feel sick again.

We followed the i-mask+ protocol listed on the frontline doctors website for early treatment.

[link to covid19criticalcare.com (secure)]


Monday evening my 15 year old daughter comes down to the stairs at 800pm, "I'm going to bed guys, I feel like a headache is coming on." she says. I say, "Okay honey, goodnight, we love you". My daughter has a history of migraines so we don't think it's anything more than that. All that changes on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, I wake up with a slight stomach ache, but other than that, nothing really wrong. Tired, but then again, I don't sleep to well usually. My daughter isn't up yet so I go down to work ( I work from home ). I come up around 11 and ask my wife if my daughter is up, "no, she's not" she replies. I go up and talk to my daughter, "How are you feeling this morning?" I ask. She replies, "I'm really tired, have a terrible headache, chills and quite nauseated". We take her temp, "99", the thermometer reads. I go downstairs and tell my wife that we should watch her. I ask her to "try and get her up and drinking something from time to time".

Tuesday evening, My daughter finally comes downstairs around dinner time. She doesn't want anything to eat because she doesn't feel hungry, but her stomach isn't off anymore, so we convince her to eat some toast. She stays up for about an hour but is clearly very tired and goes back to bed. The stomach ache that started in my stomach has been growing throughout the day and is now pretty bad. It feels like a knot in my lower abdomen. I can feel chills coming on as well. We start my daughter on ivermectin in addition to the quercetin and zinc she's been taking. I tell her that we'll test her for covid in the morning.

Wednesday morning, My daughter comes downstairs around 10am. She complains of a headache, and just really tired. I told her that I think it's time to take a covid test. We pull out the instant test, follow the instructions, and within seconds the positive signal comes up. She's already taking the right medicines; vitamin d, vitamin c, zinc, quercetin, ivermectin so we bump up the vitamin d and c at the request of frontline doctors and we wait. Meanwhile, my story is just starting. I went to bed last night and felt like I couldn't sleep a wink. I woke up and the bed looked like I had wrestled a gator in it. My collar of my shirt was wet with sweat and now I have that same headache my daughter was complaining of. I get chronic migraines, but this is not like any other headache. There is literally no relief from it and there is nothing you can take to dull the pain. It just has to go away on its own. I'm able to get up and go down to work, but I'm barely functioning. I have repeated bouts of chills, sweats, and this relenting headache. I take my temperature but instead of being higher, my temperature actually dropped. I'm actually running a temperature of 95 degrees instead of my usual 97.2. At least the stomach knots are gone. As a result of her positive test and my current symptoms, I start ivermectin as well.

Wednesday evening, My daughter's energy level is coming back. She's getting bored of sitting in her room and she's starting to eat again. She still has the headache but it has subsided quite a bit and has a little bit of a nose drip, but nothing else to really speak of. I'm in the middle of an unrelenting headache, a mild sore throat, and am just really really tired. I go to bed at 745pm but am unable to sleep. I take nyquil and other assorted drugs to knock myself out. I sleep very fitfully from about 11pm to about 2am and then again from 5am to 8am.

Thursday Morning, My daughter is doing fine. She has an knot like feeling in the back of her skull on the left side. I'm doing better, my headache is still there, but is not unbearable anymore. I still have no appetite. I go to work and just try and get through the day.

Thursday evening, Again exhausted, headache has returned a little bit more. I eat a little bit of toast before heading to bed at 8pm. I still can't sleep, and it takes quite a bit of drugs to get me out ( including ambien ). I sleep fitfully and wake up in a sweat again.

Friday morning, Daughter is fine. I know what she meant by a knot at the base of her skull because that is where my headache has settled. My energy levels are much higher. I go to work, and actually function pretty well. My 11 year old son says to me, "dad, my stomach is hurting".

Friday evening, Daughter is fine, I'm fine. Headaches are gone, no real symptoms to speak of. My son goes downhill all day and into the evening. He looks exhausted at 8pm and is barely talking. We put him to bed early and he eventually ends up throwing up all over the bathroom wall. He complains that even though he's really tired, he can't sleep. I tell him I understand, this thing robs you of your ability to sleep. I can't give him much because his stomach is so upset, but he does chew up a benadryl and falls asleep. My wife says her stomach has started hurting as well as her head. She sleeps awfully. She sleeps with a heating pad wrapper around her head. She doesn't get headaches as often as my daughter or myself, so she doesn't know how to deal with the unrelenting pain in the front of her head.

Saturday morning, Wife is feeling a bit better by mid-morning, her stomach ache is gone and her headache has subsided for at least the time being. My son is still dealing with his stomach ache but his energy levels have returned a little bit and he's able to keep food down now.

And here we are... I'll keep this thread updated if anything big happens. Right now it looks like we're all on the mend.

My 4 year old son has not shown any symptoms yet.
TheFeistyCadavar  (OP)

User ID: 81512066
United States
01/15/2022 02:45 PM
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Re: Our experience with Omicron so far.
I should add, we're all unvaxxed.
TheFeistyCadavar  (OP)

User ID: 81512066
United States
01/17/2022 11:08 AM
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Re: Our experience with Omicron so far.
A small update.

Dad ( me ) - day 6
Daughter - day 8
Wife and eldest son - day 4
Youngest son - no symptoms or illness.

Sunday evening, the chest tightness I've had for the past week or so feels worst. My asthma feels like its flaring and my lungs feel like they're on fire. All of the other people in the house are feeling a little better. Son ( 11y ) spiked a small fever last night ( just enough to give him chills ) @ 100.

Monday morning, daughter has some phlegm but is otherwise ok (15 yr old). Son is fine. Wife is tired but just some head congestion. My lungs are sore but don't burn as much as last night. Still a little difficult to inhale. I'm going to do a breathing treatment shortly.