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Subject Don't pay for Medicare, it's a scam. I shit you not. I am a survivor. Broke by the way.
Poster Handle Burnt around the edges
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Welcome to the U.S. Law and Medical college graduation ceremonies!

The Medical field milks you by giving you 1950's type treatment for a disease that we,( the American People), have given over 6 trillion dollars since 1949 to cure.

Now the law is that you have no rights as an elderly, sick, weak, individual who paid your taxes, for however long to be heard in the correct context.
Where is our cure?
Where are Doctors that will speak up? Where are Judges, not this Bitch, that will overturn laws written in the late 1800's to the present?
You, the younger people in this country will find out that Medicare pays Squat, to qualify for Medicaid, you must be broke, to the point that they will make you broke.
Medicaid takes yourhesright Home, Your savings, and even if your wife is involved will take her savings as well, so you can qualify.

Even though you paid for this entire system all your life, get terminally ill and they will break you!!!

Think about that.
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