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So tired of mincing, weak men!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78477492
United States
01/17/2022 03:58 PM
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So tired of mincing, weak men!
I am going to get hate fucked here, but I'm just going to say it. I don't believe in the Alpha/Beta male paradigm. Take one look at Jack Murphy and you'll see the quintessential "alpha" on display. Another bullshit guru like Jocko Wilnik. That "Freedom equals discipline" is a horse shit catchphrase from a team guy who other team guys have describe as dipdunk and the sort of officer you hope you don't have to serve under.

Not a complete worthless piece of shit, but just a really asshat that doesn't get people killed, but doesn't make the best decisions, either.

With that in mind, I gotta get this off my mind today. I'm dealing with my stepdad. Mr. Super-soldier who is acting like a total asshole to the grandkids since mom died.

And at the same time, I'm just fed up with mincing cunts like this regular delivery driver that comes to my home. He's like fucking Floyd the Barber and Dr. Fauci had a fucking baby! Just whining, weak, mincing pussy of a man.

"Why is your gate locked? You really should just leave your gate open when you're expecting packages. We have to come all the way up your drive for it to mark it as 'officially' delivered. I got my booster."

This fucker will stand at my gate and walk back and forth like a fucking chicken. His head bobbing up and down. Like some ape man at the being of 2001.

Big fucking sign says, "if the gate is closed leave packages on our side of gate. Thanks."

I keep the gate locked when our horses are out wandering around. Yes, there's a cattle guard, but I like to let the girls roam! What's the fucking problem? It's my land dickbag!

"Oh, you should let us have the gate code."

No and no! I don't want rando fucktards having my damn gate code! Our SO has the gate code for emergencies. It's right next to our phone number in their livestock book.

Don't need nor want a fucking Amazon driver having access to my electronic gate.

And this fucker goes on and on about the vaccines, the boosters. Just a mincing fraction of a man! And he's not the only one.

Fucking fruit basket at the fucking store this morning carding my fifty year old wife for Skoal for our ninety year old neighbor. I looked at the kid and just wanted to lay him out! Twenty-five, maybe, with big fat belly, skinny arms, and legs and some pedophilic anime shirt on. Fucking useless! Weak, low-T, mincing shithead!

Damn it! JUST LETTING OFF SOME STEAM! I wouldn't actually hit the little princess, or the Amazon driver. Just sick of the pasty, mincing fuckers.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81536250
United States
01/17/2022 04:08 PM
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Re: So tired of mincing, weak men!
they make a show mimicking
femininity and act like its an accomplishment and deserve higher status somehow

User ID: 80867894
United States
01/17/2022 04:17 PM

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Re: So tired of mincing, weak men!
while i'm on board with everything you said..

you really are fucking him over hard with the gate closed thing..

i drove delivery for a while, and the company i worked for DID IN FACT require that hand the food off in person.. no leaving it somewhere for people (because people will call and claim it wasn't delivered, trying to get a freeby)

that said, there were times when no matter what i did, the person would not take the handoff in person...

the company informed me in this situation, to leave it, and take pictures and submit them with the receipts to prove i had left it where instructed.

but yeah.. this problem will continue because it's not up to that driver whether or not he can leave it up there, he can't.

he's risking his pay/job if he does.
Red John

User ID: 63515630
01/17/2022 04:26 PM

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Re: So tired of mincing, weak men!
humans are not supposed to function like a wolf pack

we're supposed to be far more advanced

but nooo

the evo-lu-shit garbage took hold and dehumanized the majority

leaving only those who "won the genetic lottery" at the top to head stomp the rest

and these "genetic lottery winners" actually get off abusing those in the 95% of the normal / average peeps

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instead of red, post in the thread, then I can respond.

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