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Message Subject Anyone Else Notice "The Energy" Feels Much LOWER Since They 'Flipped the 5G Switch'?
Poster Handle Justthefacts12345
Post Content
The only thing I notice is that my eyes feel swollen & my face is puffy. My vision is a little blurry, ears are ringing & it's an extremely overcast & gray day in my neck of the woods.

And I'm a little irritable. Damn Instacart shopper from Kroger brought me Idaho potatoes, instead of the Russets I ordered! They do taste different. Or is it just that Idaho potatoes have been so GMO'd they no longer taste good?

They must have been out of Russet Potatoes! Everyone knows Russets taste better than Idaho's! Stop GMO'ing our food you bunch of asswipes! We hate you for it!

Maybe more than a "little" irritated!
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