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Subject LET's PLAY! Anthony Fauci ANAGRAMS! Step in here!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's time for a game. These are very telling and I believe, like reverse records playing "I kill them all" (reverse OJ audio) they mean something. So, let's anagram the planet's #1 fucker, shall we!?


A.I. fanny touch s226 (He a robot, like Zuckdisburger?)

Achy fountain (His peepee not right? Ouch!)

AI fun tachyon (He prob knows what a tachyon is, but he ain't fun!)

T.I.A ouch Fanny (Pedo! Where are the kiddies, Ton'?!)

Anny Chou Fiat (His Chinese wife drives one??)

and this one, WTF. Telling of his true origins & #1 passion?

Antioch Fay U.N. (He's a fruitcake from Sodom & Gomorrah for the U.N.?) Antioch = Hellenic city.

It's too much for just one person, so this is the one I used, if you wanna see what you dig up on this walking corpse, feel free to post. [link to ingesanagram.com (secure)] Or do another from the pedo club and see what we dig up.
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