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Message Subject Dr. Anthony Fauci Joins Chicom Pres Xi at World Economic Forum: Calls for Censorship Against “ Disinformation”
Poster Handle Reality Czar dodger007
Post Content
The man who lied to Congress about his gain-of-function research funding
The man who helped to coordinate suppressing research studies about the Chinese lab-leak
The man who told Trump in Jan 2020 that this virus ( which he already knew about) was “ no threat to the US” even as the Chicoms were sending it around the globe on commercial airlines
The man who told Americans in March 2020 that masks were useless
The man now wanting to inject infants with a useless vaxxine while telling their parents it’s safe and effective - making America one of the few countries on earth to inject this into tiny children
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]
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