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Message Subject VIDEO: Police Kill WRONG Person In "No Knock Warrant" Gone Wrong
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the people are expected to stand down whenever somebody shouts "police", then what stops criminals from kicking in doors and shouting "police" to disarm their victims in the middle of the night? By the time their victims realize they're not really the police, the criminal could already have a gun pointed in their face.

That is why military style SWAT raids are fundamentally incompatible with our right to defend ourselves, because in order to defend ourselves we need to be able to identify the other party.

Any police officer who takes part in a military-style SWAT raid in the early morning hours is scum. Serve the warrant at the door like civilized people or go home! If that is too "dangerous" for you, then you have no business being a police officer!

Also, the unspoken victims in many of these cases are dogs. If a team of jack-booted government thugs enters a house, the very first thing they do is shoot the dogs. Even if the home owner stands down and does everything right, the dogs are senselessly murdered. Why is that necessary? When did police decide to stop talking to people like reasonable adults? These kinds of police have become enemies of the people!
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