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I have a good friend, not vaccinated, got very sick with what I would assume Omicron 3 weeks ago. One week in he was at ER with shortness of breath, constant coughing. This was after getting on steroids a few days before which didn't help really. He was on all recommended supplements, although not Ivrmctnm. He asked about monocl. Antibodies and the ER said they would not be able to get them. They offered remedevier, he refused. He also refused admittance. They gave him Antibiotics on an IV drip for a couple hours as they found double lung pneumonia..and then he went home. 5 days later and he is doing a little better on Antibiotics, started horse paste finally. His O2 is still dipping below 95 if he moves around and he is still weak. Still not out of woods. He is in his early 50s and in reasonable good health. He is thin. Your risk to take at this point..But this man almost died..not yet out of the woods either. And yea, those antibody treatments are long gone.
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I talked to a fella yesterday a lawyer friend of my sisters he is really sick he went to hospital and they gave him nothing. Nada zip. No hydration. No antibiotics no steroids. He asked for ivermectin and they went full retard. He couldn’t believe it. The callousness of the doctors and nurses.

I sent him the flccc protocol and links for iver. He had a cousin bring him some paste and his wife picked up all the other trimmings.

Told him to sue the fuck out of the doctor and nurses individually
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It's very likely you saved a life.
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