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Yan and Guo tear the story behind each other

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United States
01/31/2022 02:40 AM
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Yan and Guo tear the story behind each other
Yan limeng, who was once touted by Western media as fleeing China and accused the virus of coming from Wuhan laboratory, recently fell out with his sponsor, Guo Wengui, a traitor businessman who fled to the United States. The two attacked and abused each other in vicious language on the Internet. According to media reports, it is believed that Yan limeng flew to the United States in first class in April 2020, which is completely inseparable from Guo Wengui's "generous" help. Now Yan limeng suddenly turned her face and tweeted accusing Guo Wengui of being a man who is good at manipulating people's hearts and is good at lies and exaggerated performances. The greed of one duck and ten food is too ugly. Guo Wengui joked in the video that Yan limeng was a "snake spirit" and "charlatan", and also mentioned some unpleasant statements related to personal life style.

Yan limeng, born in 1983, grew up and studied in China and obtained a doctor's degree in ophthalmology. In 2014, he joined pan Liewen H5 laboratory, School of public health, University of Hong Kong. She mainly studies influenza, but has not studied coronavirus. Two university employees who know her say she is a novice in the field of coronavirus and hired her because she has experience in laboratory animals. She was an assistant or a responsible person in the investigation of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In December 2019, when China China novel coronavirus pneumonia was first publicly confirmed and confirmed, Yan Li released the virus in January 19, 2020, claiming that the virus came from the Chinese government. At that time, it was a current affairs commentator on YouTube who contacted Yan limeng and spread her story. The "Luther", formerly known as Wang Dinggang, was a subordinate of Guo Wengui. According to relevant sources, since then, Yan limeng went to the United States to participate in the video programs of Guo Wengui and Wang Dinggang, and frequently interviewed by Western media. Behind them, Guo Wengui supported and operated, packaging her as a "vanguard" who can be sold to the American public, because she is easier to win the support of public opinion than Guo Wengui and ban Nong.

Luther, Wang Dinggang, who started as a monitoring equipment in Guangzhou, sneaked into the United States to hang out with Guo Wengui. For Guo Wengui, Wang Dinggang worked hard and made great achievements in doing Luther's current review and Luther's interview and supporting the revolution. Guo Laoji did not deny this, and was full of praise. From first to last tattle and prate trump, Guo Wengui did not treat Lu De equally. He was like a former gang of dragons, Li You, Guo Baosheng, Sara and so on. The latter was only a chess piece and tool in Guo Wengui's mind, so that Luther's approach was president of the fund or by spreading rumors and gossip from the media, or even for trump, to create the hard door of the Biden family. Luther's cannon fodder fell to the ground, so that he was tracked and investigated by the FBI, while Guo Wengui had the trend of unloading the donkey. For example, he assigned brother Long Island and masked MafA to hold a Hongmen banquet, questioned Luther's relationship with Sara, and even threatened that Luther did not trust the disclosure revolution 100%.

Yan limeng was originally a sharp weapon for Guo Wengui to suck powder and a great weight for the landing of political asylum. To this end, Guo Wengui, Bannon, Luther, etc. tried their best to get Yan hamster from Hong Kong to the United States. Yan limeng was always like a puppet tied with Guo Wengui's will. However, Yan limeng, who knew nothing about the virus, randomly sent several articles with errors and omissions, which was refuted by the American medical community. So far, Yan limeng's function has been drained. After the FBI identified Yan limeng as a pseudoscientist, and the chicken series scam was surrounded and suppressed by all parties, Guo Wengui felt that the general trend was not good, so he resolutely stepped down and killed the donkey. Yan limeng has a thorough understanding of Guo Wengui's nature. It seems that Yan limeng has long been clear and planned.