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me vs the mental damage/possession/brainwashing that my enemies did/doing to me

the luminous one
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02/01/2022 04:03 AM
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me vs the mental damage/possession/brainwashing that my enemies did/doing to me
there are something wrong that start existing in me, only since i become religious Muslim in 2003/2004
back-then it was weak but then it start causing me to have hellishly painful depression and compulsive thoughts, until the pain start to cause my mind to be corrupt in 2008, then it become more powerful in late 2012 and started to mutate my face and to corrupt me more

i am 100% sure that i was porn without it, but i am not sure what it is
maybe it is a mental-code/mental Trojan horse, or mental illness/damage like "Multiple Personality Disorder" that my enemies inserted in me or caused me to have with their Islamic/feminist psychological/psychical torture, deprivation, brainwashing and attacks
or a non-human entity like demon/jinn/spirit that my enemies programmed it to possess me
or wrong brain neurons wiring, like thinking with the wrong brain hemisphere/lobe/circuit/frequency

but it keep replacing or trying to replace my manly mind/feelings/soul with her woman/demonic mind/feelings/soul, weakening me, corrupting me and giving my enemies an excuse to justify harming(persecuting/alienating/humiliating) me without they made themselves look like they are unjustly harming me
it also fuck with my mind/desires to make me keep wasting my time eating/sleeping/watching porn instead of trying to learn new work skills and trying to find job so i can have enough money and social status/respect to get out of hell by marrying and breaking the siege of my enemies

it do this every time i do anything good, normal or insignificantly wrong, but society/Islam consider it wrong, even if i was forced to do it
like watching heterosexual porn, or fantasying about straight but non-vaginal sex, or accidentally seeing naked men while i am searching/browsing internet search engines for naked girls only
or every time my enemies do something to me that i consider wrong, or when i remember the bad things that my enemies did to me, or when my enemies threatens me, or when i fear that my enemies do something wrong to me again
and nowadays it even do this when i do very normal things like sleeping or having hot shower

and since i can not live like Muslim, that Islam allow him to desire/do only vaginal sex, like animals
and since i can not live without having straight sex or at-least watching sex or fantasizing about sex wall the time, like Muslims/liberals do
therefore this thing try to control me and co-control me a lot

i noticed that it become stronger in the hour/day of Venus and in the hour/day of Saturn

i keep banishing this entity -or fixing this wrong code/illness/wiring- but until now i wasn't able to banish/fix it by 100% and/or forever
only few gods agree to help me banish/fix it when i pray to them, but they also do not banish/fix it by 100% and/or forever

mostly this is because it run and hide inside me, or go outside me then come back
and because my enemies keep helping/strengthening it, mainly by putting me in the hell of humiliation/threats/poverty/oppression/alienation since my birth and by falsely accusing me, sometimes using what she do to me or any natural-born flaw in me as excuse to justify putting me in hell
one of their main tool to help/strengthen it, are their book of feminist/capitalist horror the quran that is composed of only anti-male and anti-sex/love terrorism/threats/intimidation hopium, false accusation, blame-shifting, female-defending and male child slaughtering horrors and bullshit

i mean that you can not cure an ill person by keep stopping the symptoms of his illness, while he still live within the people/environment that keep infecting him with this illness, it will be for futile because this people/environment will keep infecting him
or more accurately, you can not fix the damaged that something/someone have without

i mean that this possession/illness/damage/infiltration are 100% surely caused only by mental/spiritual reaction between me and my environment(Egypt) that was negative reaction because me and my environment was incompatible with each-others
or because there are some wrong matrix laws or some matrix entity that rule Egypt with it's laws and manipulate mainly/only my close environment(family/neighborhood/school) to make it incompatible/hostile with me, despite that Egypt are not really that much incompatible/hostile with me

therefore if i and my environment kept being incompatible with each-others, this negative reaction will continue and the illness/damage/possession that this negative reaction because will continue even if i kept fixing/banishing it
it try to change myself as i could, but within a limit of-course, so i do not join my enemies, but this not enough because the problem is not originally me, the problem was and still Egypt, Egypt -or my close environment in Egypt- was the opposite and the natural enemy of my born nature and now it still the enemy of what i am now, it is designed to further damage me, not to help me
therefore if Egypt staid as it is without changing to be compatible with me, or was changed to the worse, then this

therefore i must either radically change Egypt/Egyptians until it become compatible with me, or destroy Egypt
or at-least use money/love to create paradise bubble of compatible environment me inside incompatible hell of Egypt, by becoming rich and changing my neighborhood/residence to a better one so i can marry

Last Edited by the luminous one on 02/01/2022 04:13 AM
the chosen one
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77322674
United Arab Emirates
02/01/2022 04:15 AM
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Re: me vs the mental damage/possession/brainwashing that my enemies did/doing to me
dear mr. him

its all in your mind.

the guy u met yesterday ( the one wearing purple ) downstairs was working in advertisement company.

its no enemy, enemies come in ( black and yellow ) u see them when u drive.

your safe place is ( Blue ) you see it now. just relax.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16998795
United States
02/01/2022 04:18 AM
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Re: me vs the mental damage/possession/brainwashing that my enemies did/doing to me
Every night the whiny muslim wall of txt.