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Ukraine Maidan Anniversary is 2/18 Russia will invade on 18th?

Buckeye Barney
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02/05/2022 02:39 PM
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Ukraine Maidan Anniversary is 2/18 Russia will invade on 18th?
In November of 2013, the CIA along with other NATO countries began the process of inciting the change in a coup d’etat of leadership.

The Sochi Olympics began Feb 7, 2014 and ran until Feb 23, 2014.

The Revolution of Dignity also known as the Maidan revolution ran from Feb 18, 2014 – Feb 23, 2014

Nobody discusses how embarrassing this had to be for Russia. I’m not being an apologists by any means, but for something like this to happen while the games were going on, put them in a very awkward position.

I’m more convinced that Putin, received approval for the go by China to take back Ukraine.

The question is, if it happens to early, does the U.S. pull their delegation immediately, which I s a huge slap in the face of China.

There are many moving parts, but Russia, if not in the next few days, will move on Ukraine before the Olympics end.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen on the 18th.
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