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GLPFAQ How to upgrade a friend or another users membership

Offer Upgrade

User ID: 372908
United States
02/13/2008 03:06 AM
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GLPFAQ How to upgrade a friend or another users membership
How to upgrade a friend, or another users membership.

You must be a registered user or an enhanced member and logged in to use this feature.

Any member can upgrade another users account, the person you wish to upgrade must have a registered membership.

If you are already an upgraded member yourself you can use the "Offer upgrade" link that is displayed under every registered member's name/handle and skip steps 1 and 2 and go directly to step 3.

Step one: Finding the member number of the user you wish to upgrade.

The member number for any registered member is a unique number given when a user becomes a registered member.
It is Not the User ID that is displayed when someone posts. The member number is what is needed to upgrade a users account. To find a users member number you need to go to that users members page. You can get there by clicking any members name/handle in any thread or reply, or by going to the members area, and finding the account in the members directory and clicking their name/handle there.

Once you have found the member page belonging to the user you wish to upgrade you will see that users member number at the end of the member page url/web address.
Example: Member FAQ's member page.
Member FAQ's member number is: 31635

Copy this number to use later in the upgrade process.

Step two: Using the Upgrade/Upgrade friends Account link in your welcome screen located in the upper left of GLP's pages.

Click the link and the screen shown will display 2 areas, one to upgrade your own account if you are not already upgraded or thanking you if you are, and one to "Upgrade A Friend's Account". Enter the member number of the account you wish to upgrade that you have copied from step one into the box marked "Friend's Member Id: (You will be shown the member's information for confirmation)" Make sure there are no blank spaces before or after the number.
Click the button marked "Show"

Step three: Verify the account is correct.

If you used the "offer upgrade" link available to upgraded account holders or if you copied the correct member number and entered it properly you will see the correct name/handle of the member displayed in the upgrade screen above the subscription choices like so:

Upgrade A Friend's Account

Friend's Username: FAQ

Your friend's account will be upgraded and he will
receive a Private Message notifying him you offered
him an upgrade.

The automatic Private message notifying the person you upgraded has been disabled so you can remain an anonymous benefactor if you choose to do so.

Step four: Choose an upgrade level and complete transaction.

Choose how long you wish to upgrade the persons account for and click the button for that amount of time. You will be taken to the PayPal login screen and the transaction details for the upgrade level you have chosen will be pre-set by the previous steps. Log in to your PayPal account and complete the transaction. Most account upgrades are done instantly once you confirm and complete the transaction.

PayPal is the only method available to upgrade an account at this time. This is due to the GLP upgrade being a subscription and PayPal is one of the most reliable and secure subscription servicing financial outlets.

Godlikeproductions does not receive or keep on record any details from your paypal account other then the transaction number and the time that it occurred.

If you wish to verify that your transaction was successful you can find a post by the member you upgraded and you should see a gold star by the user name/handle. If you have a problem or issue with upgrading, please contact a forum moderator or administrator.
More questions are answered here in the topics section under "FAQ and How to"

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

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