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Message Subject Hello I'm Plato and I'll be here cleaning up the mess you all leave behind, along with my spiritual family
Poster Handle Plato seven of 9
Post Content
Think of the innocence that generation will have.

We WILL seem like dark wizards to their simple untained minds.

Think of it-
They will never vote or pay taxes.
Shit, they might never pay a bill in their life. What even is money.

Clothes... we will miss our comfortable adidas tracksuits. If we describe the luxurious striped pattern and fine synthetic textiles... they will not know if its shiny goodness. They will wear animal hides and maybe shoes. They will never know the glory of the adidas superstar shell tops.

They will never know of our v8 American made 4wd power wagons which can cross any terrain. We could call them "mobile cabins" I guess... but it wouldn't do the SUV justice.

Imagine trying to describe any modern day amenity to the ignorant plebs who will be born after the grand fuckening?

I'm almost looking forward to it... being a teacher and a guide... and maybe a dark spooky wizard
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