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You are a bunch of sick twisted fucks! Obabma supports everyone of every race that makes up America to come together as not only Americans but human beings. That we all who work our asses off everyday should live an adequate nice life, get the same health care and our lives be held in just as high of regard as that of a congressman or senator. You motherfuckers with all your hate sites are going to shit come election day and Barrack Obama will be the president of the United States. Whether your White, Black, Latino, Asian, or any other race that makes up our beautiful nation, we're all tired of the bullshit of rightwingers, and leftwingers, anyone who is a normal everyday person has some middle ground, a grey area. That's what Barrack Obama represents. Just like most normal people in America, some things he's liberal on, and some things he's conservative on. No normal person is tilted all one way. For peace, for love, for brotherhood, for camaraderie, for a better America, for 2008....Barrack Obama!!
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