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Aschen episode Stargate SG-1 eerily similar to COVID "vaccines "

Boiling Frog
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02/14/2022 08:14 PM
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Aschen episode Stargate SG-1 eerily similar to COVID "vaccines "
I don't believe in Stargates, but I do believe "they" use Hollywood to show us things they are doing.

This is eerily similar to what's going on now.

Stargate.. The Aschen Confederation is an interstellar government in the Milky Way. While the Aschen offer membership to any planet by offering advanced technology, it is really a long term colonization method. The various "vaccines" and technological tools they offer are really attempts to render the native populations incapable of reproducing, culling the natives populations down to almost nothing and allowing the Aschen to take over the planets..

[link to stargate.fandom.com (secure)]


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