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human ideologies vs me

the luminous one
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02/18/2022 12:43 PM
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human ideologies vs me
A-the ideologies that are surly 100% my enemies(bad for me), ranked from the worst to the least worst:
1-corruption/LGBT:(anti-manhood/honor deviation and self-destruction that rot the soul/mind/body)
it make me poor and destroy/degrade/dishonor my manhood/humanity/ego/dignity

2-feminism:(females take male's money/jobs, their crimes against males are freedom, while male's freedom/manhood are crimes against them)
it make me poor and destroy/deprive/despise/degrade/demonize/dishonor/threaten/cr​iminalize my sexual manhood/freedom/humanity/ego/dignity

3-Islam:(masochistic slavery for an unjust noisy, capitalist, asexual-feminist AI-like entity and blindly believe his quran's inhuman bullshit)
it make me poor, destroy/deprive/degrade/demonize/dishonor/threaten/criminaliz​e my sexual manhood/freedom/humanity/sanity/individuality

B-the ideologies that are surly "partly with me and partly against me", ranked from the worst to the least worst:
1-socialism/Nazism/communism:(governmental control over economy to protect/help the poor/working class)
it give me governmental aids and free education but reduce the rent that i take

2-capitalism:(modern-slavery system, where all males/females are mere human resources that must live to work like robots and sell themselves)
it remove me governmental aids, treat me as human resources and filter my type using interviews, but it should increase the rent that i take

3-Christianity:(an earlier version of Islam that are less feminist, less capitalist and therefore less evil)
it somewhat despise/demonize/dishonor/threaten/criminalize my sexual manhood/freedom/humanity/sanity/ego, but i like it a Little

4-democracy:(the reversed social pyramid where the ignorant majority rule the educated elite)
it give me hope of change and some freedom of choice, but it equate me with the mass of normie sheep

5-real monarchy:(only the one king own everything and rule all)
it degrade my humanity/freedom, but it was the dominant system in the conservative era that i like and that i maybe belong to

C-the ideologies that are maybe with me, maybe against me, maybe both or maybe neutral, ranked from the worst to the least worst:
1-slavery(the law of the jungle, strong/rich humans own other humans who was defeated in war, kidnapped or born to slave parents/sold by them)
it is inhuman and unjust, but it was the dominant system in the conservative/chauvinist/pagan era that i like and that i maybe belong to

2-jowishism(know little about it, maybe less worse than Christianity, but it seem it have lot's of enemies)
it is Abrahamic religion, that is bad, but it seem that their boy god are maybe supporting me and we have lot's of common enemies

3-feudalism(the noble owners of properties/lands rent it and live like pasha to collect the rent/harvest)
it look like the best system for me and it was the dominant system in the conservative era, but i am not sure, because i did not live in this era

D-the the ideologies that are surly 100% my good for me, ranked from the least good to the most good:
1-conservatism/patriarchy:(females are only housewives, act feminine/motherly, obey man, only males go to work/war, everyone respect tradition)
it protect my sexual manhood and reduce corruption, but man have to work/fight for women and it can be used by enemies like Islam

2-paganism:(magical mars-dominated religion where people worship many gods and ruled by magicians/priests and tribal chiefs)
i believe that i am a pagan wizard, i think that this is supposed to be my religion

3-chauvinism(male crimes against feminist females are freedom, females do not vote or run for election and have nearly no rights/freedoms/status)
it make me like god

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the chosen one
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United States
02/18/2022 12:46 PM
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Re: human ideologies vs me