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Rebuttal to the whole Ukraine war is staged narrative

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79966597
03/02/2022 06:45 PM
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Rebuttal to the whole Ukraine war is staged narrative
I keep seeing many alternative media claiming that the entire Ukraine conflict is nothing but smoke and mirrors to push the global elites plans forward.

This seems likely when you look at past results as everything up until this point has just furthered the agenda of globalism. However, the core globalists are making some strange moves and statements if this is truly the case.

Many are pointing to Putin's involvement in many institutions like the World Economic Forum and NATO in general as proof that Putin is just an actor stooge for the global elites. My rebuttal would be, if the global cabals system was the only option for conducting world trade. Would it not then make sense that even if you were against what the World Economic Forum stands for, you would still have to deal with them to have open trade?

I realize people are on edge and everyone wants a clear black and white answer, but this is not the reality of the situation. There seems to be many shades of grey going on here.

If I were to be so bold, I think we are seeing the old adage of Some times it takes evil to defeat evil. When the whole system is built upon evil, you would have to wade through evil in order to take a position of advantage.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but from the reactions I'm seeing, the Global Cabal is in desperation mode. I do think that there is some movement going on right now to take down the World Economic Forum fascists.

I do not think it is a purely Russian action though. This is much bigger than Russia or Ukraine. I would classify this as an ideological war or in older terms, a Holy war.