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Subject Truckers/Boston Dynamics? How Dynamic!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They WILL beg for their enslavement. Give it to them.

Then, WE, The People, manage them. How can it be otherwise. The experimented upon NEVER control the experiment. How ridiculous to consider otherwise.

Thank them for their surrender.

[link to www.cnet.com (secure)]

Tell Them:

“You’ve got your lockdowns, your masks, your updates. “

You’re smart, right?

You’re in your “Smart City” making your demands.

Like children tantrum in Time Out.

“Thank you for tagging yourselves.”

No other beast are as easy as you have been.

“Thank you for being manageable.”

I bet Jen Paski is more patriot than one assumes. Go Red Riding Hood.

Does she have a choice?

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