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Subject BREAKING: "Kim Jong-un humiliates Vladimir Putin refusing Russia's 'too insane' pleas for help"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you got that right folks, the "second" army in the world is asking North Korea for help....Nato must be quivering in it's boots

[link to www.mirror.co.uk (secure)]

"The allegation comes as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reaches stagnation, with reports of a furious Vladimir Putin considering turning to 'plan B' - non-conventional weapons."

"Russia calling on North Korea for help should come as no surprise, with Pyongyang having historically been a key ally of Moscow through its historical ties with the Communist era of the soviet union."

Kim was quick to deny Putin assistance, according to XSoviet-News author Sarah Hurst.

Posting on Twitter she claimed: “Russia reportedly asked North Korea for help with its failing invasion.

“North Korea responded, 'You are too insane for us'."

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