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Interesting timeline of Ukraine war...

User ID: 74358608
United States
03/19/2022 05:06 PM
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Interesting timeline of Ukraine war...
This timeline is interesting, while our MSM & social media are portraying that the Russians are having a hard time Ukraine, no doubt the Ukrainians are fighting better than anyone imagined. But look at our adventure in Iraq 2003, with over 500,000 troops (US & allies) & the largest air power ever assembled it still took us 6 weeks to take the capital Baghdad, keep in mind that just 12 years earlier in 1991 we almost completely destroyed Iraq's army, & the Iraqis had zero outside help! So in week 5, with less than half the troops & Ukraine receiving massive aid from the West, the Russians, while experiencing massive troop loses are stil managing large gains..
I think it's just a matter of time before Ukraine is cut in half & Kyiv is isolated from re-supply, & then its just a slow attrition of Ukraine forces..Putin is not facing massive resistance from his own people... so as long as he faces no internal pressure, Putin will keep going till he has victory, whatever that looks like?