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putin is not accusing the ukraine of nazism but rather fascism and he is so right...

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United States
03/20/2022 04:46 PM
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putin is not accusing the ukraine of nazism but rather fascism and he is so right...
fascism defined here would be the military petroleum complex bound by the manipulative price set in London..fascists start wars for the energy price manipulators in which the pricefixers profit immensely by selling to all sides(vietnam for example costs the civilian world to the tune of about 300 billion!!)...

communists work for the price manipulators for the most part by sitting on the energy(stalin for example gave the petrobankers a virtual sitdown on the caspian oil in exchange for his seat,the soviet union having so much energy resources that he even sat on the Siberian energy that putin is now WORKING and SELLING at a FAIR PRICE)...

putin is being baited by private military contractors(fascism) and what is making matters confusing is the legacy of the post breakup, eurorussian oligarchs which have joined forces with the western multinationals and opec thru the manipulative prices set in London...putin, using his nation state military resources, in effect is breaking up a fight, to begin the process of allowing the Ukraine to choose his price over the manipulative price..

zelensky is deceptively correct when he states the ukraine is being used as a ping-pong ball, being bounced between the price warriors...if he had more courage he would tell the whole truth and state that the Ukraine would be best served on the putin price which is based on supply and demand economics and not fascist or communist economics...and we thank you for your support...