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Message Subject Arizona Is Having A Huge Drought - Hope You Dummies Who Decided To Live In the Desert Have A Backup Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
California Agriculture is sucking it dry due to dated policies.
NV and AZ conserves more water than it’s allotted usage. Especially NV where there’s a ton of water recycling and water conservation in motion for decades now. I believe NV is the #1 in the US for water conservation.

The desert weather is awesome and predictable where you can be outdoors year round. Parks are open to midnight and well lit to workout during the summer nights. Living is cheaper. The 120 degree days are way better than shoveling hundreds of pounds of snow. Heat in general is better for blood circulation, joints, and muscles. The sunsets are beautiful.

Although super expensive desalination plants for CA, OR, and WA with pipelines running to AZ, NV, UT, & ID will help ease historic droughts. Especially with rising sea levels.

Entrepreneurs such as Marc Lore and Elon Musk are looking in the desert to build sustainable cities. The backup plan is sustainability. The desert has the capability and land available to harness the Sun’s energy through solar. That can be exchanged for water from elsewhere.
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