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Message Subject The appliance wars and government overreach
Poster Handle GatorMclosky
Post Content
This falls right in to what I was trying to warn people about on a thread somebody posted a couple days ago regarding his rent increasing exponentially.

The responses varied, but most seem to miss the point that the production shortages, supply chain, food shortages, and inflation is being done deliberately.

I was trying to warn everybody that prospective homebuyers can give it up because this will continue. And for the renters, they will be the first dominoes to fall into homelessness, as rent will continue to only project upward.

Then that leaves the mortgaged, and the 100% paid homeowners.
I predict both will be driven to sell, etc., through skyrocketing taxes, and all means at TPTB's disposal.

They're going to keep applying pressure by any means necessary, which obviously has to be making financial pain so great, owning becomes unfeasible. So how do they apply that financial pressure?

Non-mortgaged owners appear to be under the illusion that merely owning their home shields them. I think, they're going to apply pressure through their catch all guise: Green Initiatives aka Environment Scam. By making homeowners retrofit literally everything TPTB can think of.

Appliances, Water Heater, Windows, Roof, HVAC, etc., EVERYTHING. And exorbitant fines for non-compliance. This tactic is what I see coming.
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