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the Egyptian government is distorting my phone landline

the luminous one
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04/05/2022 03:41 AM
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the Egyptian government is distorting my phone landline
Thread: they are now cutting me of from the internet

it seem that the Egyptian government is distorting my phone landline to distort my internet connection
it seem that the Egyptians and their Islamic/feminist simulation decided to deny me having internet connection
as usual, using indirect methods and bullshit excuses, that make it look like my fault, not theirs

Vodafone technical support used to try not to help me, like by pretending to not to hear me and by demanding that i buy/rent useless things to solve my connection troubles, instead of telling me what is really wrong with my internet connection

yesterday i called the Vodafone technical support, after they Finlay stopped blacklisting my phone number
the women said that she checked my internet connection and found that there are some distortion over my pone landline that i use to receive my adsl internet connection

i rent this pone landline from the Egyptian governmental pone company
it seem that someone powerful in Egypt has ordered the Egyptian governmental pone company to put distortion over my land line
or the Egyptian simulation itself did this by it's power over luck/probabilities

but she also asked me to go to the governmental phone-central and to the Vodafone stores, to pay for a new landline phone, landline wire and new router, so when i do not do this, they blame me for my internet connection troubles
the chosen one