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Subject Prediction: Kamala becomes President, Appoints B Obama as Chief of Staff, Appoints M Obama as VP
Poster Handle I'M NLI
Post Content
Look how they were fussing over Obama when he visited the White House. Biden was just wandering around like a fool.

If they made BO Chief of Staff when Kamala becomes President it will allow for some stability etc. Well that's how they will market it. He will say he is doing his duty because he was asked.

Then they appoint Michelle as VP. They will confirm her fast to avoid the possibility of Pelosi becoming President, because of the vacant VP position.

Basically you get Barrack as President for the next 13 years...

Some form of the above will definitely happen, maybe not both.

The Obamas have nothing else going on.

Maybe this was the plan all along!

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