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Happy Easter: Polish Intel To Visiting US SECDEF: Russians Have Opened their Land-Based Nuke Silos

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United States
04/17/2022 11:37 AM
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Happy Easter: Polish Intel To Visiting US SECDEF: Russians Have Opened their Land-Based Nuke Silos
from Greek War News 24/7 (see link below)

Poland's emergency plan for nuclear attack: Putin orders silos to be opened - RS-28 Sarmat launched due to Moskva!

The next days are crucial
Poland has drawn up an emergency plan to ensure the continuation of the government and the war in the event of a nuclear attack by Russia.

The revelation was made by former US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller during a meeting with Polish officials.

In essence, we are talking about a "red alert" in Poland. We have never been so close to implementing nuclear bombing contingency plans.

This development raises many questions as the first to speak at length about a nuclear strike against Poland was General Wesley Clark, who served as Commander of the US European Command / Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

The reasonable question now is, what exactly do Americans know and since when?

The next few days are crucial. Russian information speaks of a test launch in the coming days of the intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 Sarmat. This means that Russia will have strategic nuclear forces on hand. So the "nuclear shield" will be activated for any conventional NATO convoy bombing.

Read HERE what he said

General Clark: Russia is planning a nuclear strike against Poland - NATO defense forces have been activated!

Poland: "Nuclear strike" contingency plan
Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Trump's Christopher Miller returned from a 30-hour trip to Ukraine during which he spoke with several officials. He then revealed what discussions took place.

The Ukrainians have made it clear that they want five types of equipment from the West:

Long-range missile systems, air defense systems that can strike aircraft at high altitudes, air force, tanks and fighters.

In talks with five Ukrainian Army, Defense and Secret Service officials, Miller revealed that Kiev was moving from a "guerrilla warfare and insurgency" survival plan to one focused on a long-term conventional battle.

They tell me, 'We do not need any more Javelins, we do not need any Stinger.' "What we need is heavier equipment," Miller said.

Miller then also made a stop in Warsaw to speak with Polish officials.

Christopher Miller, the former US Secretary of Defense, revealed that Poland has taken steps to ensure the continuation of the government (COG) in case the Russians launch a nuclear attack on Polish territory.

At one point, a senior Polish official spoke in detail about the continuation of military operations in the event of Poland being hit by a nuclear weapon.

From these talks it became clear how much Poland fears that it will be attacked along with the Baltic countries by Russia.

Miller's feeling from the Poles was "this is really, very serious".

"If Ukraine falls, we are next," was the main phrase Miller heard.

Silos Open: RS-28 Sarmat Launch
Russia is reported to be launching a test launch of the RS-28 (15A28) Sarmat ICBM, which will replace the Soviet R-36M2 Voyevoda missile.

It is noted that the US again canceled the test launch of the ICBM LGM-30G Minuteman III ("Minuteman-3").

According to Russian information, by April 24, a Sarmat ICBM test launch will take place from Plesetsk in the Arkhangelsk region with the final destination being the Kura training field in Kamchatka.

It is worth noting that this information was leaked to the Russian media immediately after the loss of the Moskva cruiser.

The Russians note that there is no reason to follow the example of the US, which canceled the test launches of Minuteman III twice in March and April of this year under the fictitious pretext of "non-escalation" of the situation. Launch is only necessary for a complete re-equipment.

On April 7, the US Department of Defense's Advanced Defense Programs Service (DARPA) revealed that another HAWC missile had been successfully tested.

The RS-28 Sarmat strategic weapon - With MIRV warhead
The Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile replaces the РС-20В Satan. Work on the new rocket began in 2009.

The RS-28 Sarmat (codenamed NATO SS-X-29 or SS-X-30) has a liquid fuel engine and can carry a MIRV head. It is one of the six new Russian strategic weapons presented by Putin in 2018.

The Sarmat can carry a weapon load of up to 10 tons with 10 heavy or 15 lighter MIRV warheads or 3 Avangard (HGV) multi-sounding missiles or a combination of all of the above.

It has countermeasures to deal with enemy air defense and is not easily detected by US surveillance and defense systems.

Sarmat was specifically designed to penetrate any current or future Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system.

According to some estimates, the impressive range of the missile reaches 18,000 kilometers.

Finally, the launch preparation of the RS-28 Sarmat system is less than 60 seconds using a highly automated system which means that in a short time it can be fired to hit the enemy.

The Russians also intend to protect the RS-28 Sarmat with the new S-500 air defense systems.

See what Putin had to say during the presentation of the RS-28 Sarmat

[link to warnews247.gr (secure)]
- NEO -

User ID: 78797943
United States
04/17/2022 11:41 AM
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Re: Happy Easter: Polish Intel To Visiting US SECDEF: Russians Have Opened their Land-Based Nuke Silos
Well thank fuck for that, nothing you report ever happens.


User ID: 68859245
United States
04/17/2022 11:45 AM
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Re: Happy Easter: Polish Intel To Visiting US SECDEF: Russians Have Opened their Land-Based Nuke Silos
Russia-Ukraine crisis deterring aliens from making their presence known, says UFO specialist Nick Pope

[link to www.wionews.com (secure)]

User ID: 82824711
United States
04/17/2022 12:50 PM

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Re: Happy Easter: Polish Intel To Visiting US SECDEF: Russians Have Opened their Land-Based Nuke Silos
Wesley Clark is complicit with the rest of the DoD!

What in the hell is Chris Miller doing over in Poland?

I don't trust Chris Miller after he came out & made the statements that the 2020 election had NOT been interfered with! I thought at the time he was a snake in the grass. He had to have known that there was no way that idiot in the WH ever got 81 million votes! He couldn't even get 6 people to any of his rallies! The Dems stole the 2020 election & many more!

I'm betting that both Miller & Clark end up at Gitmo for treason! They are both complicit to the acts that have gotten our country in the situation it now is in! They are TRAITORS!