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Message Subject I think a massive earthquake off the coast of southern California is due to occur within 10 days.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IMHO there is some major solar activity taking place, (as of recent)?!?

This isnt typical run of the mill solar activity. It's pretty extreme...

A new M-Class event is following a recent X 2.2 Flare, within a somewhat rapid succession or series of incidents...

Imho there is likely a
High chance of over 700+km/s solar windstreams that could be recorded soon here on earth...
If I had to rate it: This is a recipe typical of 6.5+-7.6 EQ activity.

It really depends if the main shock will be California it's self;

New Zealand Japan and Peru could see increased seismic activity soon; However California appears to have had minimal annual 5.0 (+)(seismic activity), per it's areas annual archive); (opinion)-

I feel that somewhere off the coast between LA and SF there could be a moderate seismic episode soon.

The primary Cause & effect being in relationship with the recent, uptick in solar weather-

Those are my thoughts and I thought I'd share my opinion.

I'm not an engineer or seismologist. I just think it's worthy of mentioning that this appears to be a very significant increase of activity per our usual.

I give no advice just giving my 2c on what I am thinking as of today--

Was already feeling this before the recent earth directed event just occured. Now seemed like a good time to double down on the previous advices?

So take with a healthy grain of salt. Please an ty.
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