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"When humans conquered the world"...

Anonymous Coward
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02/27/2008 06:12 PM
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"When humans conquered the world"...
In the end of the "Jurassic Park" movie a message is given to the audience saying "When dinosaurs conquered the world" insinuating,regarding the scario of the film,what would happen again if dinosaurs-those evil animals-were freed and conquered the world again as they did centuries before.

In real life,dinosaurs vanished centuries ago and after that humans conquered the world...and created the pathetic world we live in since then.Poverty,sorrow,exploitation,theft,crimes,racism,slavery and wars are the words that describe what a human experiences in the world he created.After the path of centuries,nothing changed in all this as the human race doesn t learn from its mistakes and repeats them all the time.Homerus had said that "there isn t any worse animal on Earth that walks or creeps worse than human".Einstein said that "there are two things that they are vast:universe and human stupidity,although I m not sure about the first...".Man crussified his God,Jesus and his teachings were not followed after His resurrection.Man is by nature evil,miserable,self-destructive,hostile,stupid,crazy, materialistic,aggressive,arrogant....Humans were always devided in minor groups in order to fight each other for dominance.Divided in nations,religions,political groups even sports.Even between two individuals there are always confrontations.There is no other kind on the planet that fights each other for dominance.Humans also destroyed the nature because of their arrogance.Even dinosaurs respected more the environment than humans.I will remind here what Smith said in the Matrix:"When I first tried to classify your spiecies I thought you were mammals...but mammals create a stability with the environment they live in,while you move from source to source and destroy it...There is another organism that behaves like this...The virus...You are a cancer,a plague for this planet!..."

Everything in this world is about money.There is no doubt about that.Though my last experiences in my new business were one of my employees came and hit me just because I didn t accept her unresonable demands and many others quit for the same reason made me reconsider even worse my opinion about humans.This is something I will never forgive to humans,while I was paying them and behaving nice to them and even in this case they turned to be hostile.

It s common to blame the governments for creating the world we live in.But this is not the case.Humans support them by electing them and anyway if they really wanted to change the world they had the chance in their history over centuries...Parents send their children to the psychiatrist,sex has been materialised,many humans turn to be suicidal and much of them suicide...

This is the world we live in since humans dominated the world...A constand period of Middle Age...It s time this period comes to an end so that so many souls don t suffer for no reason...If the pole shift does happen then this may become true...and this Age of Darkness becomes past...