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Message Subject Large hadron collider turned on for Queen Elizabeth's 96th anniversary
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sometimes I think the reason all these old world order farts seem to be in a hurry to change the world order is because they know they haven't got much time to live to see it so they want it done by 2030. Any longer than that and they'll all be dead.

Think about that for a second. With them all dead maybe that would change the world for the better?
 Quoting: BigSister

The so called "NWO" is another psyop, we already live in a satanic world order.

They don't want any world change, they like the world as it is right now, they are filthy rich, they have unlimited power, they have unlimited resources, they control everything and they enslave everybody one way or another.

Their goal is to keep the ones living at the bottom of the pyramid - US - suffering ENDLESS pain and agony and torment, so that archons, demiurge vampires and demons that keep the elite in power won't starve, because they feed off living people's pain.

It's a vicious endless circle, the "world order" is just a stupid name for the status quo that's pretty much teh SAME since forever: powerful half-lizard alien retards sitting atop the pyramid, playing with black magic and doing satanic orgies at the expense of a majority of semi-enslaved semi-monkey humans at the bottom.

The only ACTUAL change is something that brings the whole thing down, from top to bottom. Something that spares NOBODY and NOBODY, no demiurge, no archon, no anunnaki, no reptilian.

Perhaps there's some type of cosmic event that's going to wipe everything out and not even these beings can escape it. I for one don't bother dying if all of them are destroyed in the process.
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