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Subject Id rather be a handsome pretty boy pop star than an ugly billionaire like Zuckahburg
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Even if the handsome pretty boy pop star didnt have millions of dollars, he had and will experience something ugly billionaires like bezos, zuckerburg, and musk will never have...

Only good looking men know what im talking about.

The ability to step in the room, and make atleast 1 girl go hot at the sight of your face. The reaction is always the same no matter what age. "Omg who is that guy, hes soooo good looking"

Instant crush.

From there, if you just say hello to her she will melt.

It never gets old.

Give me the pretty boy looks, hairline, cheeks, bones, and 10 million over 100 billion any day.
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