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Subject Could the Abortion Leak Be On Purpose by Deep State, RINOS
Poster Handle justlikestealing
Post Content
Just seems to me the Dems were headed for a fucking ass kicking in November. 70% or more of the country is against the Dems position on Crime, Defunding Police, Open Borders, Foreign Policy, BLM, on and on. Somehow against all odds this abortion shit gets leaked. I am just wondering if this was done by the same people that hate this country, This would include people in both parties. I think there is only a small % of patriots in office( maybe 15-30%). I mean Abortion is the 3rd rail of politics. I mean I dont think I can remember any Major Court announcement as big as this leaking before. Of course there is always speculation by the media, pundits, but never an internal draft of an upcoming opinion They knew this would cause a firestorm.....
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