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Message Subject Interesting “IN YOUR FACE” Symbolism in the newly released Marvel movie, Morbious. Wow!!
Poster Handle Crypto-Tard
Post Content
Just a few that really jumped out at me.
**Warning** Spoilers to follow!

1. The name, Morbious has Latin connotations of “death, murder, and the root word Morbid.
2. One of the scenes contains the head only of a pale horse. It is shown laying on its side as part of the scene. Following the violent scene when Milo, kills the long time friend/ scientist/ mentor of Milo and Morbious,
3. The “cure” for the sickness that plagues Morbious and his friend is created using bat venom as an anticoagulant.
4. The “cure” winds up being a curse, as it CHANGES THE DNA of Morbious and his friend, turning them evil and making it very difficult for them to control their anger and their extreme hunger for human blood.

Anyone else seen this movie yet? Thoughts?
 Quoting: Aware & Watching

This movie played out in reality from 2020-2022
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