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"This place isn't very scientific"


User ID: 83140354
05/07/2022 05:57 PM

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Re: "This place isn't very scientific"
Went to a doctor's office for my young son yesterday. Here's how it went when I was not wearing a mask in the office.

Doctor: So, what kind of health condition do you have that prevents you from wearing a mask?

Me: First, I have a sinus infection. Secondly, I have a digestive problem and masks tend to make both of those problems much worse.

Doctor: Are you covid vaccinated?

Me: No.

Doctor: Oh, well you will need to be if you want to return here again and not use a mask.

Me: I had covid in early January. Recovered very quickly. I now have natural immunity.

Doctor: Oh, well there's still new variants going around and you could be putting my staff in danger.

Me: (shaking my head) Oh, I see... this place isn't very scientific.

Doctor: (very pissed off and triggered)

Me: (to my wife) Let's just get out of here. I can't argue with this guy if he knows less than me about science.

I can't trust this idiot with my son if he knows less about science than I do as a regular guy.
 Quoting: StayCurious

Or maybe just maybe you're delusional? I mean you kinda proved it when you said you knew more about science than a doctor. That isn't even possible unless you've studied to be a doctor. So yup, you're delusional.
 Quoting: Ptnfckr

A friend of mine managed to become an M.D. I guarantee your opinion of doctors would change if you met my friend.
...Loving souls, starving trolls...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 83141904
05/07/2022 06:49 PM
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Re: "This place isn't very scientific"
WTF? Why are they in danger when they are vaxed?