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MMS and Homeopathy

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United States
03/01/2008 09:01 AM
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MMS and Homeopathy
Hello From Norway,

Glad you found MMS.

I do not think it will interfere with homeopathic remedies. Your remedies should still work. What will happen though is that your symptom picture will change, especially for the chronic diseases, and since remedies are selected on the symptom picture it may be hard to find a chronic disease remedy.

My preference would always be to use homeopathy first if you have access to a good homeopath and you can afford it, and especially for chronic disease. What homeopathy can not clear up after a year or two of working with it I would go after with the MMS. Its been long known by many homeopaths that the action of a homeopathic remedy is not cancelled by the presence of a pharmaceutical drug so I do not think it would be any different with MMS.

I drink red wine almost every evening, just 4 to 6 ounces. I have not seen or felt an issue with it and MMS.

This US pharmacy carries some chlorine dioxide skin products that you may want to look into if the MMS does not clear your skin. The only reason that it would not clear your skin is if the MMS is not getting to the circulation that feeds your skin. I think it will in time.

Take a look at their products.

I was using the homeopathic remedy Causticum for a number of months going into M potencies then taking it into the LM potencies for some chronic issues, one of which was reflux. It did help but it never fully went away. Since MMS no more reflux or acid indigestion. What does that tell me? That reflux most likely has a microbe cause. Perhaps causticum was not the correct remedy but it seemed to be because it really helped on the mental levels and general energy levels. But who can keep up with this fiddling around forever? I love MMS.