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Message Subject How did women feed babies before formula?
Poster Handle Eilonwy
Post Content
How did people study at night school before electricity? How did we cut our grass? What did people do before we had roads and autos? Seriously?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 52752464


2. Common people did not have lawns, they had nothing but dirt, or a small garden with flowers, or maybe some kind of paving. Only rich [eo[;e and nobles had patches of only soft lawn grass. Gardeners cut it with shears, on their hands and knees. Grass lawns are a fairly new feature of houses.

 Quoting: Lily o' the Valley

Grass is the most important thing that a farm grows. Most people lived on farms. Grass was cut by hand with scythes, dried, and stored for winter to keep animals alive. Grass was eaten by farm animals in pastures.

Royalty might have had pretty lawns in their fancy gardens, these were also cut with scythes. (not on hands and knees, yikes)

Scythes are probably something people should get their hands on to make more out of their property if they are not large enough for it to makes sense to own hay-making machinery. The hay that is made can be used in chicken or rabbit coops, or to mulch veggie gardens.

People are only half-right when they say lawns are dumb. Grass is smart.
 Quoting: Eilonwy

A lawn, which I was talking about, is.not a pasture. Lawns are a type of landscaping and pastures are for feeding animals.
 Quoting: Lily o' the Valley

We aren't actually disagreeing very much, I'm just saying people used scythes not shears. Most people lived on farms, and every bit of a farm was usually put to good use. In the city or country, in a court or even on a golf course in the olden days, grass was cut either with animals or a scythe.

Most of the very old farm sites that I've seen have the house quite close to the road, for efficiency during deep snow. It's kind of fun to look at old farm plans.
Old pictures too. From what I've seen, landscape is pretty basic on most of them.

When she isn't breast feeding, a woman can scythe a lawn!
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