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Subject If you want to improve your mood instantly, put a warm incandescent in the room you spend the most time in
Poster Handle BFD
Post Content
Get rid of your LED's in those rooms and make note of the difference in the way you feel in general.

My LED's were flickering for the past few months and it was pissing me off but all I had on hand were other LED's so I figured what's the point in replacing them?

Anyways, I had the shits of it the other day and dug out some old GE Reveal incandescents and swapped them out.

Nice warm light, no flickering... the other ones felt like some sort of NWO jail cell-torture experiment, comparatively.

I looked it up and there's even warnings about flickering LED's because of epilepsy and whatnot.

Anyways, give it a try and report back.

I swear I am noticing a head-change from this one adjustment.

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