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Message Subject Tell us why you believe Earth is cooling
Poster Handle Mother Maggie
Post Content
If you post a lengthy video, please provide a synopsis (brief summary).
 Quoting: Humanitarianlike

Earth's climate is never static, it is always changing on the short term and longer Milankovitch cycles. Then there are geological and astrological events too.

Man made CO2 warming is real, but no big deal. Earth will take care of itself just fine. As for the human race that's another matter. Mass extinction events are common. Our time will come and go, just like the dinosaurs. There is no way we will last anywhere near as long. Another few dozen years perfectly likely.

Personally I'd pick warm than cold,given the choice of climate change.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72916348

the CO2 is not part of any warming. the so called "warming" is again.. the rise of frequency .. hot water has a higher frequency that cold water.. and steam higher than hot water.
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