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Message Subject Tell us why you believe Earth is cooling
Poster Handle Humanitarianlike
Post Content
You are aware that TSI is based on a blackbody model that is easily manipulated right?

And, that the current IPCC climate models don't include the effects of clouds.

My point being, if the base reference measurements are off, how is it possible to determine "global warming" or an increase of 2 deg/C?

I'm hoping you are aware of this...
 Quoting: Nostros

Sounds like a work in progress on cloud effects. Any increase of 2 deg/C is for 'future' yes?
We already know, for instance how 2020 and 2021 stacked up against the last say 100 years.

And likewise, how the 2010's did against the previous 90 or 100.

Cloud Effect Modelling

[link to www.carbonbrief.org (secure)]

A comment was made by Shadow Dance directly ahead of your comment here. She said "the heating of the earth is NOT natural and the technology is Alien (the vid doesn't mention that fact - but it is being run by AI)".

Which raises an interesting few thoughts.

IF we or aliens were able to 'climate control' a planet this size with the results they are getting then surely the system isn't working right. She must be implying it's done to 'mess' with humanity.

But why go through all that trouble. If they wanted this planet they'd have the technology to put everyone to sleep and deal with us that way.

A climate-controlled planet sounds great but if we can't work out clouds yet then surely we're a long way from an air-conditioned planet.

I'd still be interested if anyone can verify that most or all of the jet chemtrails happen near airports? And only in the US??

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