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Subject Taxes = theft by deception / time to issue arrest warrants for members of congress.
Poster Handle OU8122
Post Content
Let's start by pretending elections are legitimate.

Let's also acknowledge that we the people vote for elected officials based on the belief they will represent our interest.

One of the areas these politicians represent us for is how our tax dollars get spent.

Now, these politicians who represent us are spending our tax dollars on things that we the people do not want them to.

In essence, this is theft by deception, yes?

Can someone with a better command of the English language articulate this better for me. I went to public schools where our tax dollars should have been spent to educate me better.

Seriously, I asked my congressional rep simply to explain to me why he thought his constituents would want him to vote "yea" on a resolution to send ANOTHER 40 billion to Ukraine. No response, doesn't even have the time to lie to me about how he thought those of us in rural southern Ohio would want our money sent to Ukraine.
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